Merger Announcement

We are pleased to announce our proposed combination with Heidmar Inc., a first-class commercial and pool management business servicing the crude oil and refined petroleum product tanker market.

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Home Plate Acquisition Corporation

Home Plate is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) focused on high growth acquisition targets in both the U.S. and international markets.

We intend to capitalize on the ability of our sponsor team to identify, acquire, and advise a business that can benefit from our founders’ management expertise and disciplined approach to capital allocation and investment oversight.

We believe our strategic focus, experience, and tested principles differentiate Home Plate and will enable us to generate compelling returns for investors, while adding meaningful value for the acquired company.

Investment Highlights


Competitive Edge from a Leadership Team with Extensive Experience and Knowledge

CEO Dan Ciporin has an extensive background in e-commerce and FinTech as a successful operator, entrepreneur and investor. CFO Jonathan Rosenzweig brings expertise analyzing companies, leading teams and partnering with institutional investors. Complementary experiences in public & private markets position the Founders to identify the best targets; to understand investor needs; to assess fundamentals, valuations and risks; and to advise company management long-term.


Robust Deal Flow and Execution Capabilities Supported by a Strong Board & Advisor Team

Our Board and Advisor teams harbor diverse expertise, backgrounds and relationships resulting in a broad network from which to source targets and a solid foundation for effective execution.


Tested Investing Principles that will Optimize Results

Our investment criteria are based on many years of experience with both private and public investing. Our commitment to these principles will optimize the quality of the target and its success transitioning to a public company.